For Stableford and Par events, results are awarded depending on the number of strokes taken at each hole, reduced by the players handicap available for that hole.  In Stableford, points are awarded while in Par, scoring is done using the symbols plus (+), half (0), and minus (-), according to the strokes taken, and reduced by handicap.


Nett Result Stableford Par
Eagle 2 strokes nett under par 4 points + Plus
Birdie 1 stroke nett under par 3 points + Plus
Par nett equals par 2 points 0 Half
Bogey 1 stroke nett over par 1 point – Minus;
Double Bogey 2 strokes nett over par Nil – Minus;

In Stableford and Par events, when a player has exhausted all strokes and handicap available for the hole being played, and thus cannot score a point in Stableford, or a half in Par, he/she should pick up their ball and prepare to move to the next tee.

Count-Back Procedure

Count-back will be used for all events except championships.  In a handicap competition which ends in a tie, count-back shall apply the correct proportion of the player’s handicap (fractions to count).

For 18 hole events, best score for the last 9 holes shall be used; if there is still a tie the last 6 holes, or if still tied the last three holes.  If a tie still persists then hole by hole from the 18th.

For 27, 36, 54 and 72 hole events the last 18 holes shall be used and if still tied the count back method for 18 holes above will be used.  The last 9 holes means holes 10 to 18 irrespective of where players commence matches.

In Championships, players who are tied, shall play-off over a number of holes published in the match conditions, or as decided by the Match Committee on the day.