Handicaps for each member are maintained by Golflink and can be obtained from the computer Kiosk at the Clubhouse or at www.golflink.com.au

GA Handicap System

Commencing in January 2014 the Golf Australia handicap system will be changed to incorporate the use of the Slope system. Under Slope, a golfer’s playing handicap on any given day will be determined according to the difficulty of the tees or course to be played.  It is intended to be an “equalising factor” for handicap golfers.  As is currently the case, a player’s official handicap (known as the GA Handicap) will be calculated by GOLF Link by using the best 8 of the most recent 20 rounds.

A neutral Slope rating is considered to be 113.  At RMC Golf Club the Men’s rating has been assessed as 117 and the Women’s rating as 125.

The GA Handicap will not be the playing handicap for any given day; instead it will be used in conjunction with that day’s Slope rating to calculate a playing handicap for the day, known as the Daily Handicap. For more information on Slope go to the Golf NSW website.

At the end of each competition, a player’s GA handicap will be adjusted under GOLF Link based on the player’s performance relative to the rest of the field.

RMC Golf Club is part of the national computerised handicapping network (GOLF Link) and all scores are automatically processed by the Club through this system.

Application of Handicaps

Handicaps can be applied in two ways, depending on the kind of game being played.

Stroke Play: Every stroke played is recorded and totalled for each hole. The player’s handicap is subtracted from the total for 18 holes to become the nett score.

Strokes played 1st 9 holes

Strokes played 2nd 9 holes

Total strokes played
80 (Gross Score)

Less handicap (-12)
68 (Nett Score)
Stableford and Par.  Each hole on the course has been given a stroke index rating, ranging from 1 to 18 (1 being assessed as the most difficult hole and 18 the easiest to par).  In these matches, the handicap is applied hole by hole.  If a player has a handicap of 18, that player has one handicap stroke on each of the 18 holes.  Where the handicap is greater than 18, two handicap strokes are given on each hole between 18 and the handicap number on the card.


A handicap of 36 attracts 2 strokes on every hole.
A handicap of 27 attracts one stroke on every hole, plus an additional stroke on those holes indexed 1 to 9.
A handicap of 12 would receive only one stroke on those holes indexed 1 to 12.