Friday Wine Run

Published on 25th September 2019 in Guest News


Held on Fridays throughout Daylight Savings – Tee off between 2:30 – 5:30pm.  FREE sausage sizzle included

We’ve made some changes to the wine run this year:

Eclectic – This year the Wine Run will incorporate an Eclectic competition. Minimum of 8 Wine Run’s must be played in order to qualify. The prize for this competition is a $100 Drummond voucher and two bottles of fine wine valued at $200 each, thanks to our good friends at Ainslie Cellars (Hentley Farm Shiraz, Barossa Valley 2013 & Tom Cullity – Vasse Felix Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec, Margaret River 2013). The winner will be announced at the final Friday Wine Run of daylight savings (March 27).

There will also be a number of other events on different Fridays throughout the summer, including putting competitions where the winner takes home a box of Vili’s pies. We will also be hosting a Wine and Cheese Tasting on Friday November 22 thanks to Mount Majura Vineyard and the Ainslie IGA Cheese Bar. Entry for this event will be $5.



– $15 for non-members

– $10 for RMCGC, Active Defence and Drummond Club members



– 1st – $30 Drummond voucher

– 2nd – $20 Drummond voucher

– 3rd,4th & 5th one ball

– One bottle of wine for 3 NTPs, bottle of wine for last place.


A BIG thank you to our Wine Run Sponsors:   Drummond Golf Fyshwick  –  Ainslie Cellars  –  Longpark Meat Co.  –  Regional Wholesale Fruit  –  Vili’s Pies 




(Please collect prizes if you are yet to do so)




Prizes for January 17th:

1st: Clive Morris – $30 voucher

2nd: Ian Walker – $20 voucher

3rd: Gary Lawless – ball

4th: Karen Jaimeson – ball

5th: Daniel Spinaze – ball

NTP: bottle of wine: Jim O’Brien, Edo de Smeth, Ian Peterson

Bradman: Joe Maloney


Prizes for January 10th:

1st: Damian Hill – $30 voucher

2nd: Chris Rice – $20 voucher

3rd: Neil Venables – ball

4th: Chris Bowman – ball

5th: Campbell Hill – ball

NTP: bottle of wine: Leo Kennedy, Damian Hill, Graham Young

Bradman: Graeme Bee


Prizes for December 20th:

1st: Tony Langhorn – $30 voucher

2nd: Ray Wright – $20 voucher

3rd: Matthew Hunt – ball

4th: Darol Moree – ball

5th: Gaby Langhorn – ball

NTP: bottle of wine: Neil Venables, Graham Young, Ray Wright

Bradman: Joe Maloney


Prizes for December 13th:

1st: Dino Marzotto – $30 voucher

2nd: Dan Hiscock – $20 voucher

3rd: Clive Dengate – ball

4th: Justin Rogers – ball

5th: Gary Lawless – ball

NTP: bottle of wine: Jason Curtis, Tony Langhorn x2

Bradman: Shawn Wood


Prizes for December 6th:

1st: Matt Davies – $30 voucher

2nd: Dino Marzotto – $20 voucher

3rd: Darren Jaensch – ball

4th: Geoff Nori – ball

5th: Louise Allen – ball

NTP: bottle of wine: Ray Wright, Ian Brown, Sam Dwyer

Bradman: Cameron Phasey


Prizes for November 29th:

1st: Rick Leach – $30 voucher

2nd: Ken Herbert – $20 voucher

3rd: Glen Hyde – ball

4th: Craig Raide – ball

5th: Geoffrey Nori – ball

NTP: bottle of wine: Glen Hyde, Chris Bowman, Jim Holgate

Bradman: Nils Bormema

PUTTING COMP: Mark Milward


Prizes for November 22nd:

1st: Kilai Nio – $30 voucher

2nd: Rob Griffiths – $20 voucher

3rd: Dino Marzotto – ball

4th: Tony Langhorn – ball

5th: Peter Bath – ball

NTP: bottle of wine: Margaret Atkin, Dino Marzotto, Margaret Atkin

Bradman: Denis Kidman


Prizes for November 15th:

1st: Gaby Langhorn – $30 voucher

2nd: Kevin Noon – $20 voucher

3rd: Dan Hiscock – ball

4th: Dino Marzotto – ball

5th: Neil Venables – ball

NTP: bottle of wine: Ray Wright, Bruce Wight, Ken Herbert

Bradman: Josh Corbett



Prizes for November 8th:

1st: Daniel Spinaze – $30 voucher

2nd: Ken Herbert – $20 voucher

3rd: Lee Stanway – ball

4th: Chris Bowman – ball

5th: Lee Hermans – ball

NTP: bottle of wine: Mark Wright, Jim Holgate, Ene Afamasaga

Bradman: Ken Power



Prizes for October 25th:

1st: Ray Wright – $30 voucher

2nd: Matthew Cutler – $20 voucher

3rd: Noel Sewell – ball

4th: Neil Venables – ball

5th: Edo de Smeth – ball

NTP: bottle of wine: Daniel Butcher, Mike Ashford, Bruce Wight

Bradman: Nahar

PUTTING COMP: Chris Bowman & Matt Noakes


Prizes for October 18th:

1st: Edo de Smeth – $30 voucher

2nd: Ross Davis – $20 voucher

3rd: Ene Afamassaga – ball

4th: Mike Ashford – ball

5th: Chris Bowman – ball

NTP: bottle of wine: David Higgins, Richard Cumpston, Russell Allen

Bradman: Penny Branson


Prizes for October 11th:

1st: Karen Jamieson – $30 voucher

2nd: Livio Braiuko – $20 voucher

3rd: Leo Kennedy – ball

4th: Mark Wright – ball

5th: Ken Herbert – ball

NTP: bottle of wine: Neil Venables, Mark Wright

Bradman: Hugo Chan

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